Enroll in Mobile Repairing Course in Subhash Nagar


Hi-Tech Institute offers No.1 chip and card level mobile repairing course in Subash Nagar, Delhi. The institute has more than 13 years of experience in the education field. Further, being an ISO certified institute, Hi-Tech has adopted modern ways of teaching mobile technology. By enrolling in this mobile repairing institute in Janakpuri (W) and nearby areas, students can become successful mobile engineers and technical experts. There are choices of joining basic, advance and combo level courses as per the interest of the students. The trainers and instructors cover concepts on history of phones, GSM and CDMA repair, cell phone assembly, and disassembly, etc.

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Details about Phone Repair Training:

Like every other technical course, Hi-Tech mobile repairing training in Tagore Garden is flexible and professional course apt for students after 10th, 12th, college or while working. Several businessperson running repair shops also join the course in order to expand their business to the next level in terms of quality and revenue. Moreover, the institute provides many advantages to the students inclusive of:

  • Learn Soldering/De-Soldering Techniques
  • Equal Practical and Theory Classes
  • Guidance of Certified Trainers
  • Well-Equipped Labs
  • Chinese Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
  • Free Service Center Visits
  • Practical Handset Repairing of Branded Phone
  • Art of Learning Mobile Circuit Diagrams
  • Use the Latest SMD and other machines

Hi-Tech institute also has a separate placement cell for the students to help them get a reputed job in a company. Apart from campus interviews, the institute conducts monthly seminars, workshops, and meetings to boost the confidence of the students.  To know more about the mobile repairing course in Delhi

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10 Reasons Why Students Prefer Mobile Course in Delhi after 12th?

Students are fast forward in selecting a technical course that can help them in making their career secure. This is the main reason why students go for short-term course like mobile course in Delhi after 12th. After completing senior secondary level they learn repairing techniques and apply the same to earn in their daily routine. Here, we will focus the 10 main reasons as why students prefer mobile phone course after 12th?


  1. 2 – 3 months course:

Time duration plays an important role in selection of a course. Since vocational courses aims that developing the earning skills, mobile course in Delhi is also takes 2-3 months to get complete. The duration varies with the difference in the course levels. For example, for a basic course you can go with a full time duration while for advance level, go for short term cell phone repairing training.

  1. Low Fee Structure with Flexible Paying Options:

The next reason is the affordable fee levied by the mobile institutes. Although, there is difference of some amount charged by the institutes offering mobile training but most of them offer flexible paying options. For example, Hi-Tech mobile institute provide the facility of paying the fee in cash, through a bank draft or even through bank transfer.

  1. Fast Track Mobile Courses:

For quick revision of the course, mobile course in Delhi after 12th are divided into fast track classes. This in turn helps students to revise the course within short span for having a good knowledge of phone repairing techniques.

  1. Enjoy quick earning:

The course provides you with the freedom of earning right after the course to survive in the industry. Many students join mobile centers at an executive level while others aim at becoming an expert chip level mobile engineer.

  1. Go for Online Course Options:

Not only in India, but many institutes in different parts of the world offer online course options. The course or the classes are taken up by the instructors online with the help of video and audio demonstrations.

  1. Perfect Eligibility Conditions:

Although after senior secondary class students have to wait for a year or three to start earning. However, mobile course in Delhi after 12th has no such condition. Being a short-term course, students take up the course after their 12th board exam and thus gain techniques that can easily make it self-dependent.

  1. Demand of Mobile Engineers:

With 900+ millions of cell phone users the demand of engineers has increased. The phones are purchased and go for repair services at a good earning cost. Even the local shop owners, earn a minimum of Rs. 500 per day on repairing a cracked screen of a basic phone.

  1. Easy Income Source:

After mobile course in Delhi, a student can make money by sitting back at home and repairing a variety of phones. The job calls for technical skill, knowledge and repair tool kit that is easily available in the market. Hence, there is no compulsion that one has to travel and work!

  1. Independent Business Opportunities:

With courses on mobile technologies, the student has the option of running an independent business at any level according to the investment. Students can go for ownership of mobile repair service centers of the various brands too.

  1. A Future with Maximum Security:

The future of students having expertise in mobile technology can easily enjoy maximum security with less investment. A person having the technical certificate can open his own shop or go for a job in mobile brand companies after completing mobile course in Delhi after 12th.

Excellent Mobile Repair Training in Affordable Fees

If you are new to Delhi city and interested for mobile repair training then this blog is for you!

Delhi is not just the heart of the country or the place of exotic tourist destinations but also famous for the wide electronic market. Owing to a large numbers of foreigners visiting city, there is an urgent need to address cell phone repairing needs.

But, many of the students and professionals remain stuck in the question that is mobile repair training in Delhi affordable? Let’s find out!


Various Training Institutes in Delhi:

Delhi is a hub of mobile repair training centers that provide basic to advance level training. Some are situated within center of the city while others near u

niversities. With a number of options, it is easy to choose the best mobile institute. Each institute has different fee structure based on infrastructure, facilities and other things. They provide support in the form of:

  • Mobile Circuit Diagram Books
  • Cell Phone Repair Tool Kits
  • Labs- Practical and Software
  • Business Training
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Short-Time Course
  • Quality Training for Self Employment

How Mobile Repair Training in Delhi Is Different?

There are several reasons that say mobile repair training in Delhi is different and provide 100% employment assistance.More and more individuals are putting efforts on versatile business in the city. This is on the grounds that Delhi is the center of individuals coming from various parts of the globe. They expect top most phone repair services and this is where we need good mobile training. To fulfill this fact institutes in Delhi have come up with different syllabus, training methodologies,and campus interviews. What will you get through mobile repair training in Delhi?

  • Skills for Repairing Smart phones.
  • How to repair phones with different Operating Systems.
  • How to use mobile repair tools
  • Diagnosing mobile faults through Circuit Diagram

Fees- Investment or Return:hitech-mobile-repairing-course

The fee of mobile repairing course is affordable instead it is a good investment. Mobile course has a reasonable fee structure but offer lifetime earning to the students. There is no restriction in earning since one can earn by replacing a mobile component or by repairing a phone default. Several times software troubleshooting or even configuration faults are also repaired in the hi-tech mobile phones. Within the course tenure or mobile repair training in Delhi, a student can start his repair service business without any problem. Many students who apply the best and industry based techniques get instant or profitable return of the fee within few months only.

Which Professional Course After 12th You Can Join?

Students today are like rockets, they love to explore the sky at a very high speed. The best example that we can quote is that after completing higher studies, students look forward to professional courses after 12th. This course can be an additional knowledge or skill that has a scope and good future opportunities.

So, is it important to go for two courses simultaneously? No, but for those who are not as good as champions in academics or want to have a quick means of earning to support their family, technical courses are worth to do!

Technical Career Options after 12th:

Why a student joins any course – To make his career secure and find quick job opportunities. Well, reasons could be 100 but the crux is similar in every case. Every person wants to lead a happy secure and stable life for whcourses-after-12thich earning is like the backbone. Hence, after 12th Arts, Science or any other background would like to learn something additional that brightens his or her career chances. Here, comes the role of technical professional courses that are designed according to the industry-specific needs. Here, we will cover a course that is highly affordable in terms of fees and offer double the investment within few months:

Mobile Technology Courses:

Is there anyone who does not like using the word “Engineer” along with the name? Well, probably no. But, on one hand where students spend more than 30 lac in an engineering degree, they can get the designation within 20 to 25 K. Mobile engineering is not new but has become a professional course after 12th and are usually opted by students having an average academic background but sharp technical skills. Although, this field has not gained much respect but in the coming future mobile repair technicians will earn more than what specialized engineers used to earn per day. Even today, on calculating an average income of a successful mobile engineer, he can earn 40-50 K per month depending on the type of mobile troubleshooting. What are the benefits of the same?

  • No Special Education Background Needed
  • Easy to Join and Apply
  • Learn Advance Chip Level Repairing
  • Short Term Course
  • Affordable Fees
  • Repair New Smartphone Troubleshooting
  • Get Placement Support

To let you know, Hi-Tech Institute of Advanced Technologies, India’s first mobile repairing institute is training graduate, undergraduate, professionals and even businesspersons into the latest mobile technology course. This diploma certificate is highly popular as one of the professional courses after 12th all over India. The course calls for just one-time investment and lifelong benefits. Moreover, many institutes like Hi-Tech provide flexible fee payment methods. However, for a student who does not have any knowledge about the institute, joining is not an easy step, unless you are aware of the USPs.

  • ISO Certified and Winner of Prestigious Award
  • Experience of 13 continuous years
  • Affordable Fee Structure – Easy to Pay Installments
  • Get 300 Fault Solution Book
  • Own Study Material and Tool Kit
  • Placement Assistance
  • Interactive Workshops, Seminars, and Classes

Hence, in the last, we can say that to try out the career in mobile servicing industry is a risk-free decision. Mobiles users and fault servicing is something that will increase in numbers each year. To have a quick overview of the course, go and attend Free Demo class. Book your counseling session on mobile repairing course in hindi today!

Enroll yourself into Mobile Repairing course in less fees

Do not miss the chance to join 1 month mobile repairing course in Delhi and make your career go stable with a professional diploma certificate in hand. Courses on mobile technology are highly popular among students and working professionals. One can easily earn through cell phone repair services, since India has a very large population of mobile users. Hi-Tech mobile repairing institute in south delhi provide advance chip level phone training with the help trained instructors. The latest concepts are covered that guide students how to perform diverse mobile repair techniques.

Who can join Phone Repairing Training at Hi-Tech?

The course eligibility demands basic level of education that could be matriculation or even senior secondary level. There is no hindrance in joining the course during or after completion of the education. To help you know more that who can join Hi-Tech mobile repairing training in laxmi nagar, karolbagh here are some of the facts:

  • 10th, 12th, Graduate or Working Professionals can Join
  • No Prior Technical Education Required
  • 3 Months, 1 Month Advance and Combo Courses
  • Practice on the Latest Mobile Repair Tools and Equipment
  • Learn Smartphone Repair of Android, Samsung, Apple and Windows
  • Get 100% support in getting job
  • Business Assistance
  • Get 300 Fault Solution Book
  • Circuit Diagrams of Smart phone

Institutes that are offering Mobile repairing course in Delhi has flexible batch timings. Students can choose any batch from morning 8 AM to evening 8 PM. Moreover, students get  seasonal discounts while enrolling in this course.