10 Reasons Why Students Prefer Mobile Course in Delhi after 12th?

Students are fast forward in selecting a technical course that can help them in making their career secure. This is the main reason why students go for short-term course like mobile course in Delhi after 12th. After completing senior secondary level they learn repairing techniques and apply the same to earn in their daily routine. Here, we will focus the 10 main reasons as why students prefer mobile phone course after 12th?


  1. 2 – 3 months course:

Time duration plays an important role in selection of a course. Since vocational courses aims that developing the earning skills, mobile course in Delhi is also takes 2-3 months to get complete. The duration varies with the difference in the course levels. For example, for a basic course you can go with a full time duration while for advance level, go for short term cell phone repairing training.

  1. Low Fee Structure with Flexible Paying Options:

The next reason is the affordable fee levied by the mobile institutes. Although, there is difference of some amount charged by the institutes offering mobile training but most of them offer flexible paying options. For example, Hi-Tech mobile institute provide the facility of paying the fee in cash, through a bank draft or even through bank transfer.

  1. Fast Track Mobile Courses:

For quick revision of the course, mobile course in Delhi after 12th are divided into fast track classes. This in turn helps students to revise the course within short span for having a good knowledge of phone repairing techniques.

  1. Enjoy quick earning:

The course provides you with the freedom of earning right after the course to survive in the industry. Many students join mobile centers at an executive level while others aim at becoming an expert chip level mobile engineer.

  1. Go for Online Course Options:

Not only in India, but many institutes in different parts of the world offer online course options. The course or the classes are taken up by the instructors online with the help of video and audio demonstrations.

  1. Perfect Eligibility Conditions:

Although after senior secondary class students have to wait for a year or three to start earning. However, mobile course in Delhi after 12th has no such condition. Being a short-term course, students take up the course after their 12th board exam and thus gain techniques that can easily make it self-dependent.

  1. Demand of Mobile Engineers:

With 900+ millions of cell phone users the demand of engineers has increased. The phones are purchased and go for repair services at a good earning cost. Even the local shop owners, earn a minimum of Rs. 500 per day on repairing a cracked screen of a basic phone.

  1. Easy Income Source:

After mobile course in Delhi, a student can make money by sitting back at home and repairing a variety of phones. The job calls for technical skill, knowledge and repair tool kit that is easily available in the market. Hence, there is no compulsion that one has to travel and work!

  1. Independent Business Opportunities:

With courses on mobile technologies, the student has the option of running an independent business at any level according to the investment. Students can go for ownership of mobile repair service centers of the various brands too.

  1. A Future with Maximum Security:

The future of students having expertise in mobile technology can easily enjoy maximum security with less investment. A person having the technical certificate can open his own shop or go for a job in mobile brand companies after completing mobile course in Delhi after 12th.


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